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Cleopatra Bath #1 Best Seller

Cleopatra Bath #1 Best Seller

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Experience the royal treatment with Cleopatra Bath, the organic certified bestseller that combines the nourishing properties of goat milk, honey and natural oils to create a luxurious face soap. Infused with silk proteins, sweet brown sugar fragrance and fig extracts, this all-natural formula fights acne and aging while soothing dry skin or oily skin without any harsh chemicals

Indulge in a bathing experience that will make you feel like royalty with Cleopatra Bath, which stands tall as the best-selling product on our eCommerce platform. The secret to this spa-worthy soap's success is its all-natural composition of organic goat milk blended seamlessly with honey and natural oils, offering a silky smoothness to your skin. The inclusion of silk proteins makes it perfect for anti-aging benefits suitable for acne-prone or oily skin types, as well as dry and flaky ones. We pride ourselves on being fully organic certified while keeping away from any harmful chemicals or preservatives. Our fragrance blend contains sweet brown sugar notes balanced perfectly with figs' light aroma that lingers even after the soak is over. Don't settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to skincare—make sure Cleopatra Bath becomes an essential part of your daily beauty routine today!

  • Enjoy a luxurious at home spa experience with the sweet brown sugar fragrance of this face soap which leaves your skin feeling soft and supple
  • With its plant based ingredients, including organic goat milk and honey, the Cleopatra Bath offers a gentle yet effective cleansing solution for those seeking an eco-friendly skincare option suitable for dry skin types too

Cleopatra Bath #1 Best Seller

Our Best-Selling Soap!

Enriched with Organic Goat Milk & Honey, with a rich blend of Natural Oils, and Silk proteins.

Luxury blend will have your skin looking and feeling young. smooth and fresh.

Face Soap - Will remove discoloration, even out skin tone,

Anti-aging, maintain acne, balancing dry & Oily Skin.

You're skin will thank you for this luxury blend, that has youthful, soothing, clearing effects.

All Natural & Organic Certified ingredients 


Sweet brown sugar, with a hit of fig


*Goat milk, *Honey, lye, distilled water

(Remaining Ingredients Nature's Secret! )

All natural and or organic Certified Ingredients

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