AGELSS- Goji Berry & Rosehips Triple Vitamin C+E Facical Cream

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BECOME AGELESS Again with our New Line of
AGELSS- Goji Berry & Rosehips Triple Vitamin C+E Firming Cream,
is an effective facial treatment infused with blends of Triple Vitamin C + E Oil, Goji berries, RoseHips
and Exotic goodies such as Papaya, and Royal Jelly .
All wonderful and organic ingredients with positive effects, that your skin will love! *

This AGLESS Cream, is Designed to fight 👊🏽 the signs of aging, by smoothing skin and reduce wrinkles while deeply hydrating and protecting the skin layers to an Rejuvenated- Keeping an Youthful appearance.
Can be used for all skin types.

Anti-Aging/Antiwrinkle Treatment
Acne Treatment
Moisturizer with Sunscreen
Skin Lightening Treatment
Day/Night Cream
Wear Alone or Under Makeup

•Skin is firmed and plumped
•Dry skin is soothed and hydrated
•Visible signs of aging are reduced
•Protects dry skin from environmental stressors

*This is a must Try product*

100% Natural--
•No parabens
•No preservatives,
•No artificial colors or scents.

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